How to Transform Your In-Store Displays into Retail Sales

By: Sally Brick

The holiday season is over, but the retail shopping season never comes to an end.

Despite the enormous amount of debt that consumers have embraced for the past couple of months, shoppers always have their wallets and pieces of plastic (and perhaps even mobile devices) ready to be employed to purchase that dress, that DVD of the 1957 motion picture "Sweet Smell of Success" or that garbage bin that someone has had their eye on. Indeed, the shopping season never rally concludes; it persists and retailers reach out for dollars.

Since shoppers are always out there hunting for a good deal, a terrific sale that will help them save money on a pair of shoes or on a tablet, it is important that the merchant has impeccable in-store displays that encourage customers to step inside and purchase the item in question.

As they were imperative during Christmas, in-store displays are just as vital throughout the entire year. Whether it's spring fashions or back-to-school technology, in-store displays help boost sales and give your bottom line a shot in the arm.

Here are five ways to transform your in-store displays into retail sales:

Alter Your Displays Every Month

Let's face it: we have an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish, and we seem to have short-term memories, too. In other words, you need to hold onto shoppers' awareness and thought by being different and avoiding the stale nature of routine.

How do you achieve this, if you please? It is simple: alter your displays every month.

By giving your in-store displays a slight makeover month to month, you leave your shoppers guessing, you keep your customers in anticipation of what will come next. It morphs into sort of a game for your clients, and this type of storytelling will always leave them wanting more. Atlantic Packaging Products Ltd has more resources available on their website if you would like to do more research on your in-store displays.

Refrain From Limiting Your Theme

To the uncreative store, staff will limit their in-store display themes to four basic elements: winter, spring, summer and autumn. It seems like most large chain stores embrace this model.

But wouldn't the average shopper find this dull and boring? Yes, they would. The ultimate solution is to branch out into an array of themes and variations and stand out from the marketplace of monotonous in-store marketing and advertisements.

Simply put: avoid honing in on the four seasons - this isn't Antonio Vivaldi, you know? - and instead experiment with all sorts of themes, concepts and designs.

Go for Big, Go for Different

One of the key purposes of in-store displays is to draw the attention of shoppers. How can you do this exactly? Go for big and go for different. There is nothing more helpful than having your store install a juggernaut of a display as well as a creative one. If it's modest in size then it won't attract many people; if it's unimaginative then it won't spur too much interest.

You don't need to entrench the entire store into one behemoth display, but you can go outside of the box.

Provide Enough Space for Shoppers

As you install your brand new in-store displays, you must ensure that you provide enough space for your customers. If they need to squeeze by tables, if they need to duck underneath clothing racks and if they suddenly feel bouts of claustrophobia then you have set up your in-store displays incorrectly. This is especially important if you plan to have a lot of foot traffic.

Complement Your Displays with Social Media

In recent years, brick-and-mortar stores have lost a lot of customers because of the Internet. Consumers are conducting much of their shopping endeavours online, even when it comes to clothing because digital stores have made shipping returns a lot simpler.

To reverse this trend and encourage shoppers to return to stores, they have adapted to the trends of technology and have complemented their physical outlets with the Internet. One such concept is to collaborate with social media and urging shoppers to be social media savvy as they browse.

Here are a few social media aspects you can add to your overall store:

  • Use the power of the hashtag and make it a part of your store's identity.
  • Encourage shoppers to take selfies of their merchandise and post it online.
  • Post signs of your store's social media accounts on your displays.
  • Share some of the best of your customers' social media postings around the store.

Indeed, there is a lot you can do to integrate your in-store displays with social media. For more ideas on how to spruce up your retail marketing with social media, Sprout Social has more information available on their website.

A little bit of creativity, a great deal of imagination and a sufficient amount of time will ensure that your in-store displays will help your business reach the pinnacles of retail success. In order to prevent your outlet from crashing down, you need to ensure that your in-store displays maintain their artistic, fun and grand status that shoppers have become so accustomed to.