Hiring Health Lawyers: Tips & Advice

By: Brandon Howl

A health lawyer can help you sell, buy, or finance a health care practice. You can also turn to your health lawyer for legal advice, and to find the support and the solutions you need to resolve different issues related to your practice.

If you have never worked with a health lawyer before, here is how you can find and hire the right one.

Search for lawyers who specialize in health law

Some lawyers work in different areas of law, while others have chosen to specialize in one particular area. If you are in need of thorough, specific legal advice about your practice as a health care professional, you will have to search for a lawyer who specializes in health law.

The right health lawyer will have years of experience in advising doctors, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians and other health care professionals. Whether you want to sell or buy a practice, to incorporate or to find a lease, the lawyer you choose should be able to offer you the legal services that will meet your needs. SBMB Law can be a helpful resource if you are in need of a health lawyer in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

 Ask for recommendations

If you have already worked with a lawyer specializing in a different area, ask them if they have a good health lawyer to recommend you. Another health care professional might also be able to recommend you a reliable health lawyer to provide you with the legal advice you seek.

Use a lawyer referral service

If no one you know can recommend you a good health lawyer in your area, or if you would like to add a few more options to your list of prospective lawyers, you can turn to a certified lawyer referral service.

Such a service will assess your needs, and try to match you with the right lawyer for your situation. Even if a referral service claims to have found the right health lawyer for you, you should still schedule a meeting with this lawyer before hiring them. For more information about referral services, visit The Law Society of Upper Canada for additional resources.

Ask questions and compare

When you have a list of at least a few health lawyers working in your area, it’s time to learn more about them. You can do so by visiting them online, or by calling their office to ask them a few questions. Ask about their experience with health law and about the type of approach they use with their clients. Don’t be shy to ask about their fees.

Once you have gathered information about each health lawyer on your list, compare them to try to find the one you would like to work with.

Schedule a first meeting

Call the office of the top health lawyer on your list to schedule a consultation with them. Use this first meeting to ask them more questions and to talk about your needs. Don’t forget to ask if the health lawyer you meet will be the one handling your case personally, or if they have an assistant that you should meet as well.

During your initial consultation, you will also be able to determine if you would feel at ease working with this lawyer. If you are unsure, schedule a consultation with another health lawyer on your list.

Make your choice

After you have met with at least two or three lawyers, you should be able to make your final choice. You should feel confident about the skills and the experience of the health lawyer you hire, but you should also feel comfortable working with them.

When you have made your choice, schedule another consultation with the lawyer you want to hire so you can discuss the details of your situation and ask for advice.