A Comprehensive Guide to Immigration Law


Let's face it, if you're looking to come to Canada, or, if you're already here, you are going to need a good immigration lawyer. Simply put, you will stand a greater chance of success with proper, knowledgeable advice and the more experienced they are, the better. Without a lawyer and left to your own devices, you stand very little chance as things are getting tougher. To hire an immigration lawyer, it's not necessary for you to actually be in the country. A Canadian immigration lawyer keeps abreast with the latest developments in immigration law and has the knowledge of dealing with local authorities. Here are some reasons as to why you need a good immigration lawyer.

1. The Skills Of A Lawyer Are Priceless

Whatever your situation is, whether you're here already or hoping to come here to be reunited with family, to study, whether you're in trouble, looking for employment; a lawyer will be able to help you and present the best case possible on your behalf. It's best to hire someone who has been around for many years and has the experience and success with similar cases. The lawyer's knowledge and skill will be invaluable to you. A good lawyer can turn things around, come up with alternate plans of action and give you the best advice on what your options are. Also remember that lawyers don't just represent individuals but companies as well.

2. Hope; Peace Of Mind

Think of this scenario; you are in Canada and you have a member of your family who wants to come over permanently. However, the person wishing to come has a severe medical problem which has caused an unimaginable amount of stress on the whole family. Not being together also makes an already bad situation unbearable. Without the guidance of a good lawyer, chances are that the person with the illness will be turned down on medical grounds. This may be due to endangering public health or taxing social and health services. A top notch lawyer can deal with this situation with compassion and also win the case for you, thus reuniting the family members concerned. The peace of mind and tremendous hope a lawyer can bring at this emotional time is priceless.

3. Appealing A Rejection

Sometimes, a person making what appears to be a simple, straightforward application might end up being rejected. For example, one partner may be in Canada and the other may be overseas, looking to join the partner here. When the application is rejected, it can cause such worry and tension. Had the whole process been overseen by an immigration lawyer, chances are that it may not have been rejected. However, despite this, with the aid of a lawyer, an appeal may be launched to turn this around.

4. Permanent Residence

Having a good lawyer can also speed up the process of gaining permanent residence. If you are applying to come to Canada to work, it can be a lengthy process even though your chances are good. People in situations like this would rather have the whole affair taken care of as soon as possible rather than go through a lengthy waiting period. A lawyer can help prepare your file and showcase your qualifications in a favourable light. Preparing and submitting your application and dealing with immigration and visa officials is something an experienced immigration lawyer can achieve successfully.

5. It's Your Best Chance

Though it's not necessary to hire a lawyer for your case and it's no guarantee of success, the truth of the matter is, it's your best chance in succeeding. An immigration lawyer will know exactly all the right documents that are needed. They also know and meet deadlines in a timely manner so as not to jeopardize your case or cause you undue stress.

There are so many reasons for hiring an immigration lawyer. It may be to come here temporarily, permanently, for employment, to study, on humanitarian grounds, just to mention a few. They will give you the best advice as well as make you understand all your options. You may even have legal troubles such as a deportation for a crime with which they can help. It helps to give you confidence when a good, reliable and experienced lawyer is on your side, helping to give you the most desirable results.