5 Ways to Use Google Forms on Your Mobile Device

By: Elijah Cook

Smartphones and all kinds of other mobile devices are ubiquitous in our society right now. Going mobile is imperative for any business that wants to succeed, and going mobile is crucial for any young professional to flourish in their respective industry. Indeed, mobile is everywhere today.

Do you know what can complement your professional mobile use? Google Forms.

Google Forms is an application that is universally loved. For a lot of people, Google Forms is their go-to form maker, and can fulfill a wide variety of tasks. Everything from developing surveys to hosting Q&A sessions, Google Forms is a multi-faceted program for all to use. The below video demonstrates a comprehensive overview of the Google Forms platform.

Whether you're using the online service as a contact form or as a method of opinion collection, you should need to know how exactly to utilize the feature on your mobile device.

Here are five ways to use Google Forms on your mobile device:

Starting a Brand New Form

The first thing that you must do is start a brand new Google Form.

Every Gmail account is provided with 15 GB of cloud storage, otherwise known as Google Drive. Within this ecosystem, there are numerous applications, particularly Google Forms.

You access your Drive account, click "New," select "Google Forms" and then you will be taken to a blank form. This form can be edited at anytime and will be automatically updated whenever you or somebody else with access to this Form adds, deletes or formats any of the fields.

Publishing Your Forms

Another important thing that you must do is publish the Google Form. You will notice at the bottom of your Google Form editor an assigned URL, which allows you to take a glimpse into what the form will look like. A preview is always a great feature to have for any document.

In order to use the publish form function, you head over to your "Documents" folder," hit the title of the form in your Docs menu and tap on the "Form" menu bar. This allows you to view, edit, share and embed the Google Form in a web page.

Adding a Few Collaborators

Whether you are hosting an event on Google Forms or you are establishing a poll, you will likely want a handful of collaborators to assist you in this project. Of course, back in the day, each person would be required to edit the form and then pass it on to somebody else and so on.

Today, you can simply add another person to your form and enable them to edit the Google Forms at the same time.

In order to insert an additional collaborator, you have to select the three-dotted button on the top right corner and open a form and select "Add Collaborators." You will then need to insert their name and email address in order for them to acept the invitation to collaborate.

Embed the Forms for the Web

We slightly touched on the matter of publishing forms for the web. But do you want to properly embed a Google Form on a web page? OK, great! Here is how you do it with great success:

  • Create the form and do what you need to do.
  • Click on the "Send" button in which you will then be prompted with an "Embed" option.
  • You then select the size you want.
  • Once all of this is done, you can paste the code anywhere you want on the web page.

You just need to make sure that you understand the size specifics of your mobile website so you can create the right one.

Utilizing the Spreadsheet

The neat part of Google Forms is that it automatically saves data to a spreadhseet. This means that you can export that same data as a CSV file, use it in OpenOffice or save it as a PDF. This is beneficial for you when you want to work on the files on a desktop instead of a mobile device.

With offices everywhere embracing the bring your own device (BYOD) trend and installing cloud computing applications into their business models, it is important that you understand how your smartphone can play a big role in your own position, especially when you're in the cloud. If you need more online resources, visit the ProntoForms website for additional information on the two-way integration between ProntoForms and Google.

Google Forms is a popular tool, particularly for startups and small businesses. You don't need to perform every task on a desktop computer. You can utilize your smartphone, but it will take some practice.