5 Vacuum Cleaner Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean

By: Kelly Kay

Winter may be gradually coming to an end, but that doesn't mean that your floors will get a respite. Whether it is the end of winter or the beginning of spring, your floors will still be beaten on a regular basis. Hardwood or carpeted, your floors contract dirt, bacteria and dust.

The best way to avoid having your floors engulfed germs and unwanted elements, you will need a top-notch vacuum cleaner out there. If you value your floors you should have one in the home.

Of course, it takes more than turning on the vacuum cleaner and moving it all over the room in order to have clean floors. Believe it or not, it takes technique, routine and maintenance to achieve pristine floors in the kitchen or bathroom, living room or bedroom.

You just need to pay a little bit more attention to your vacuum cleaner. Or buy a brand new one.

Here are five vacuum cleaner tips to keep your floors clean:

Have a Consistent Schedule

Infrequent or inconsistent vacuum cleaner jobs will not help your floors one iota.

If you are on a quest to have a clean floor then you must establish a schedule and routine pertaining to vacuuming your floors. Whether it is once a week or every two to three days, you need to abide by a regular schedule. Otherwise, you risk having your floors face wear and tear by all of the germs, bacteria, mess, dirt, dust, hair and everything else that impacts your floors.

Changing the Bag or Emptying the Canister

Perhaps it is due to the fact that we can't be bothered or because we want to get the best bang for our loonie in regards to the vacuum cleaner bag. Whatever the case, we have to start changing the bag or emptying the canister on a regular basis, even if it means seeing the disgusting mess.

Moving forward, before and after your cleaning job, you should take the time to empty the canister. Or, if you have a bag, then you have to replace it once it is about two-thirds full. If you are looking for vacuum bags and parts, visit the Vacuum Warehouse website to browse their collection.

Minimize the Mess in Your Home

You may be disappointed at the end of your vacuuming session because you are still finding mess in certain parts of the home. But do you know why you're finding mess? Because you have too much clutter on the floor.

One of the best ways to maximize your vacuum cleaner is to clear the floors of mess and by moving your furniture around. You have no idea how much dust collects underneath beds, chairs and sofas, especially if you have pets in the home. If you'd like to learn how to clean your home efficiently, you may be interested in following the house cleaning checklist at Molly Maid.

To put a different spin on Henry David Thoreau's timeless quote: minimize, minimize, minimize!

Rugs Will Need Special Attention

Do you have rugs in the home? Uh oh. It is time to give it some much needed attention.

When you vacuum the rugs on your floor you will need to determine how the machine is interacting with the rug. Oftentimes, a vacuum cleaner will get stuck on certain parts of the rug, while other vacuums will miss some spots of the rug. To circumvent this, use the right setting and the right accessory for your rugs.

Remember, rugs can be a safe haven for dust, dirt and germs! If you need to replace your dusty rug, check out Apartment Therapy for ten sources of good cheap rugs.

Always Dust Before You Begin

The worst thing you could do is start to dust after you have vacuumed. When you dust, a great portion of the particles will end up on your floor. Therefore, you should take your Swiffer or duster for a ride prior to vacuuming otherwise it will be a Sisyphean tragedy for you, your floors and your vacuum cleaner.

For the most part, vacuum cleaners carry out their chores rather well. It is primarily human error that leads to insufficient and dissatisfied cleaning jobs. As long as you incorporate the aforementioned tips into your vacuuming strategy then you will have clean, germ-free and pristine floors. In the end, you will shout to the heavens: long live vacuum cleaners!