5 Tips for Keeping Your Power Tools in Good Shape

By: Harvey Edwards

When you are a do-it-yourselfer, a craftsman and a lover of all things additions and home renovations, you need to ensure that you have all of the power tools ready to perform the job. In order to have the power tools armed and ready, they need to be in good working condition. But after years of construction, renovation and additions, your power tools may have diminished.

These days, power tools are built to last and can help you complete any job possible. Without these power tools of yours, you wouldn't be able to build that deck, shed or extra bedroom.

If you are someone who is constantly working with your hands then you always have to ensure that you are maintaining your power tools so they stay in good shape and will last longer. If you refrain from incorporating the right steps to make your saws and drills last then they won't last.

Don't you worry, though, a little bit of maintenance won't eat away time from your weekend fun.

Here are five tips for keeping your power tools in good shape:

Keep the Power Tools Clean

This is certainly hard to do. Let's face it: when you're employing your drills, saws, sanders and so on they are going to get really dirty really fast. There isn't anything you can do about it.

With that being said, once the job is done and you've finished for the day, you must go ahead and take the time to clean your power tools. You should spend a few more minutes cleaning both the inside and the outside so that your power tools don't degrade and experience corrosion. Lifehacker has a guide on how to take care of your tools if you'd like more information.

Always Store Your Tools Properly

If you are like a lot of other homeowners, you may just have your tools somewhere in the garage unorganized. However, if you are a real Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor then you will have a proper storage or system in place to keep your power tools stored until the next time you use them.

By having your tools stored properly you will ensure that they won't get lost, mangled or damaged. You can have your own shed, tool boxes or shelves for all of your tools.

Perform an Inspection Before & After

Prior to starting the job for the day and following the completion of the job. You must perform an inspection of all of the power tools you have utilized. Whether it is damage or it is erosion, you will know ahead of time and won't be surprised one day to find that a power tool isn't working.

A Little Bit of Oiling Will Help

If you have noticed that your saw is on the fritz or your lawnmower isn't properly functioning then a little drop of oil will suffice. You don't have to use the entire can, but just a minor squirt will do the job and ensure that the power tools are functioning well.

Take a Look at Your Checklist

You mean you do not have a checklist? Well, it is time to start a checklist, and when it is completed then you must take a gander at it every week or month.

Here is what you will need on your checklist:

  • Brush or wipe off the dust of the power tools.
  • Take a look at the power cords; if it's damaged then fix or replace it.
  • Check the screws and bolts; if they're loose then tighten them.
  • Ensure all of the moving parts are working without any hiccups.

The more you work with the power tools the more you'll add to your checklist. For now, these items will suffice.

We all know that it can be hard to have your power tools last a long time if they are in constant use. The manufacturers are developing power tools that can handle the tough grind, but sometimes it isn't enough. You can prevent wear and tear of your power tools by taking care of them and establishing a proper maintenance routine. Once you do, they'll have a great lifespan. If you need to replace your power tools, you may want to visit Mississauga Hardware for a selection of new tools instead.