5 Reasons Why Paper Shredding Is Important


We live in an ever-changing world with technological advancements evolving almost on a daily basis. Whether you're a business or an individual, it's important to maintain privacy and not have security breaches. Just like with technology, unfortunately, criminal activity is also finding new and better ways to keep up with the times with greater levels of sophistication. It's really important for businesses to use paper shredding for several reasons.

1. Security And Information Leaks

Shredding office documents significantly reduces the potential of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Information leaks can also be drastically reduced. Such leaks could cause a business to lose thousands or even millions of dollars. Imagine your business strategies falling into the hands of a competitor. Shredding will help protect your business and maintain a higher level of security. This means that it will also save you money, a huge factor for any individual or business. By virtually eliminating the possibility of documents being seen by the wrong people, you reduce the risk of potential lawsuits against you, one which you may very likely lose.

2. Saving Time

We've all heard the saying "time is money" and that's really true. Time is such an important factor that is often overlooked. When you get rid of office or personal documents that are no longer required, you're inadvertently saving time, since there're less documents to look through later on. More often than not, we're all guilty at some point of holding on to documents that should have been discarded a long time ago. Getting rid of this will remove needless clutter so that employees have less documents to look for when they need a specific document. When you're in a big office with many employees, this really cuts back on wasted time and helps a company to run smoothly.

3. Identity Theft

Now this is a BIG one. Nobody wants to be a victim of identity theft. Some studies have shown that unfortunately, the majority of identity thefts occur in the office, since access to vital information is readily available. For example, if you sell products, you're likely to have a database of every single customer which could run into millions of people. We've all heard stories of security breaches where millions and millions of customers had credit and debit card numbers stolen. The fact is, things like this are always happening. You need to try and ensure that it won't, or at least reduce the possibility dramatically.

It's not just customers who are at risk. Even your own employees are at risk. Shredding will definitely reduce the occurrence of such possibilities.

You may have also seen people foraging in a dumpster. Have you ever wondered what it is they are looking for? Not everyone collects bottles and pop cans. If you've discarded sensitive documents without taking care to destroy it completely, your information will be found and very likely used by someone looking in these dumpsters.

4. Shredding Helps To Increase Space

When you shred documents that are no longer required, you free up space for something else. This could be used for more current documents or to increase your workspace. You'll be surprised at how much space it saves!

5. Compliant With The Law

Some companies are legally required to shred documents to protect everyone and reduce the possibility of a security breach. Occasionally, smaller organizations don't seem to take this seriously enough. Once a breach occurs, it will end up with the loss of customers, time, money, your reputation (which you would have worked so hard to build over the years), and ultimately, in long drawn-out legal battles, all of which could so easily have been avoided had you complied with the law.

Whether you choose to buy your own shredder or hire a company to do it for you is entirely based on your needs. Use your discretion. If you're a large company with loads of material to be shredded, it might be better to hire the services of a company. They are quite secure and will even offer you a certificate as proof for the work done. If you're a small company or even just an individual with a home-run business, it might be better to use your own shredder, though you could still hire a company to do it for you periodically.

Paper shredding can be time consuming, depending on the size of your company and the amount to be shredded. Having an employee do it will cost you time and money. Shop around, since some companies offer economical solutions for smaller companies. If you shred documents once in a while, get a good shredder to handle the job. Weigh the pros and cons and you'll know which solution is right for you.